Are you still sitting on the fence? Or
Wondering the crime that has been committed?
Pix used for illustrative purpose only (copied)

  • Do you know who Domestic Assistants, I mean House Maids/Boys, are?
  • Whenever you hear or see them, what readily comes to your mind?
  • Have you observed that the contributions of House Maids/Boys are hardly/never mentioned or acknowledged in the success story of families and individuals, who relied upon their help/benevolence to attain their goals in life? What a tragedy!
  • Have you noticed the look of frustration, disillusion, and disenchantment that emit from these House Maids/Boys? What do you think is responsible?
  • Are you bothered, that House Maids/Boys are often branded Witches and Wizards? What’s your take on this long-standing but ugly development? 
  • Has it occurred to you that the major offense most time, of these House Maids/Boys is their poor background? Yet, you do nothing!

If you think the above are not crime, let me ask, what then is?
Join Onesquare in the War against maltreatment of House Maids/Boys. Welcome on board.
By Nnabugwu Chizoba

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