Top 10 Richest Actor and Actresses in Nigeria


The Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) is one of the best in Africa, and so many wonderful actors and actresses are in this sector today. In this post, we are going to give you the list of the richest movie star in the country for the year 2018.

Many Nigerians home and abroad love watching the contemporary Nigerian movies, even though there are other top movie industries around the globe, Nollywood still retain it’s place in the hearts of many Nigerians.


There have been stories that Nigerian actors do not make their money legally and have to go into shaddy deals before they can earn some cash. This is so untrue as there are numerous legit ways our actors earn a lot of money today.

Movie star actors and actresses makes their money from movie sales, contracts, endorsements and it might even surprise you that some of them have movie producing instruments which they rent out (thats a really cool business idea, if you have the capital).

Apart from the financial gains of the Nollywood today, actors and actresses in Nigeria are also highly respected and have good reputations. We have seen many of Nigerian top acts go into politics and receive positive reception. Richard Mofe Damijo was previously a government appointee in his state. Mercy Johnson was recently appointed as a Special Adviser in Kogi state, while Desmond Elliot is currently a member of the house. This is simply to show you that actors in the Nigerian movie industry are also highly respected. Lets go into this list of the top 10 richest actors in the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood).

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Top 10 List of The Richest Actors In Nigeria 2018

  1. Richard Mofe Damijo
  2. Desmond Elliott
  3. Jim Iyke
  4. Chidi Mokeme
  5. Segundo Arinze
  6. Mike Ezuorounye
  7. Ramsey Noah
  8. John Okafor
  9. Nkem Owoh
  10. Pete Edochie

Just as we have promised earlier, we are not going to give you this list of the richest Nollywood actors and actresses in Nigeria, but also going to give you their net worth and biography. Here we go….

10. Pete Edochie – 2018 Biography and Net Worth: $3.8 Million

Pete Edochie is a talented Nollywood actor. He has featured in many great Nollywood movies. He acted Okonkwo in “Things Fall Apart”.

9. Nkem Owoh – 2018 Biography and Net Worth: $3.9 Million

Here we have another rich guy, Nkem Owoh, who also featured in “Things Fall Apart”. He has been acting for a long time and still as hot as ever.

8. John Okafor – 2018 Biography and Net Worth – $4.2 Million

John Okafor is a kind of funny actor. He is well-known as Mr Ibu. The star actor acted as Mr Ibu in a movie titled Mr Ibu. Since his role as Mr Ibu in 2004, he became a popular actor and has featured in many other movies.

7. Ramsey Noah: 2018 Biography and Net Worth – $4.5 Million

Ramsey Noah of all actors is expected to make it to the list. Ramson Noah is a handsome actor and has featured in countless number of movies. He has been in the industry since 1993.

6. Mike Ezurounye: 2018 Biography and Net Worth – $4.7 Million

Mike Ezurounye is one of our great Nollywood actors. He worked in the bank before he started acting. He has featured in many movies and has signed endorsement deals with Airtel and Glo.

5. Segun Arinze: 2018 Biography and Net Worth – $5.1 Million

Here comes the super star Segun Arinze. This star is an actor, singer, script writer, producer and director. He became popular in the 90s and has done a lot of great works.

4. Chidi Mokeme: 2018 Biography and Net Worth – $7.0 Million

Chidi Mokeme is a very talented Nollywood actor. He became popular after featuring in the popular Gulder Ultimate Search. He set in for acting back in 1995.

3. Jim Iyke: 2018 Biography and Net Worth – $8.0 Million

Jim Iyke is a star Nollywood actor. The star actor is also a business man. He is the owner of Burgeon Table Water and Untamed Closet. He entered the industry in 2001.

2. Desmond Elliot: 2018 Biography and Net Worth – $10 Million

Desmond Elliot is a highly rated Nollywood movie actor. Desmond has featured in many movies. In 2014, the star actor went into politics. The star has signed lots of juicy endorsement deals with big companies.

1. Richard Mofe Damijo: 2018 Biography and Net Worth – $15 Million

Richard Mofe Damijo occupies the number 1 position on this 2018 lost of the richest Nollywood actors. This man is no doubt a very talented Nollywood actor. He has signed many endorsement deals with big companies.

As you can see from the above listing, Richard Mofe Damijo is currently the richest actor in Nigeria at the moment. I hope you are not surprised by his net worth. Well this is a clear sign that if you work hard in this industry the sky is your limit. Lets run a brief recap of this list.

There you have it on this post “Top 10 Richest Actor in Nigeria 2018 and Their Net Worth – Richest in Nollywood.” I hope you found this article informative and helpful. Kindly share this post with others via the share button below.

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